Spatial Computing is here, but are you ready for it, and how can it help your business?

It is true that as a marketing tool, it does have its limitations – not many customers have a Virtual Reality headset or Augmented Reality Goggles. Cardboard headsets are cheap, easily flat-packed, and can be branded as an impressive piece of Direct Marketing. 360° video content can be hosted on your YouTube channel, or on Facebook as part of your Social Media strategy. Most modern smart phones can view immersive media, and the production costs are surprisingly reasonable.

There are great marketing use-cases, but it is the combination of Augmented and Virtual Reality, that is now known as Mixed Reality that is proving to be beneficial in other areas of business. It is being heralded as a new age in Spatial Computing: going beyond the screen, allowing us to interact with the world more directly; virtual content presented contextually into our surroundings.

As a sales tool, your reps can present concepts to your clients like never before. As a training tool, you can spend your time teaching, and less time learning how to use your training tools.

Real World Interaction

Your customers are mobile. They interact with the world through their phones and tablets.

This is undeniable, and many businesses are now fully prepared with suitably responsive mobile websites, and apps that give their customers what they need on the go. But is that enough?

How many potential customers will walk straight past your business and miss the opportunities available in the real world? We can show you how proximity-based marketing works to notify your customers as they approach the point-of-sale. Technology, combined with insight and analytics, can give your customers a tailor-made experience that they will remember.


Events Technology; inside and out

You know what it’s like: you go to these conferences and trade shows, and try to shout louder than everybody else. Your competitors seem to have a bigger stand, the largest projectors, the coolest new gadgets. But many of them are not using the technology to promote a message; they just want to get the punters onto their stand. We believe that an effective experiential campaign has to provide a meaningful experience for your customers; an experience so good that they will be falling over themselves to give you their email addresses, and book a follow-up meeting.

Whether you want help with a trade show, or an event, Weald Creative can handle the planning, creative and execution. We work with artists in the experiential space, and together can create an experience that is not only magical, but will also be a viral smash on Social Media.

App & Web Development

Content is King but Software rules

We’re moving away from our screens, and interacting within an augmented reality; but at the moment, we still need our devices and that’s why we still take web and app development very seriously. We are committed to offering a great all-round design and development service. Building the appropriate tools for the job.

Strategy, Feasibility and Planning are critical stages of a project; to avoid problems later. With many years of experience across the entire digital production spectrum, we are confident we have the best technical solutions.

We also explore the Creative potential of web and native app design, and can show you how we use existing web technologies to produce incredible, and unforgettable online experiences. Stand out from the crowd, and amaze your customers.

Weald Creative have a deep understanding of back-end solutions as well. Creativity isn’t always what you see and interact with; it can help when designing strategic and architectural solutions. We can help you with hosting, content strategy, and information architecture. If you can’t afford an expensive CMS, we can help you choose a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that will fit your budget.


We've been exploring immersive technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality since the very beginning, active within this emerging industry. We can now pass on that knowledge.
Web & Apps
Software is at the core of everything we do. Whether it is prototyping in a game engine or developing backend services to support multiple platforms, we have you covered.
Voice & Bots
The technology that runs your voice assistant at home can also be your virtual assistant in VR or a critical part of your customer support. We can help you build voice and AI into your service offering.
With a wealth of technology choices available, it is hard to decide what direction to take. We have done our research and come equipped with prototypes so we can show you exactly why.
Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT's are not just buzzwords designed to confuse you and make you feel old and poor. We can show you how these technologies can be used pragmatically and effectively for your business.
Our team of specialists are a perfect fit for your strategic war room. If you need experts to run workshops and plan campaigns, get in touch.
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