We've been exploring immersive technologies like 360 video, Augmented and Virtual Reality since the very beginning. We're now excited for the future of Spatial Computing and ready to pass on our knowledge.
Web & Apps
Software is at the core of everything we do. Whether it is prototyping, game engines or developing backend services to support multiple platforms, we have you covered in the browser or on your device.
Voice & Bots
The technology that runs your voice assistant at home can also be your virtual assistant in VR or a critical part of your customer support. We can help you build voice and AI into your service offering.
With a wealth of technology choices available, it is hard to decide what direction to take. We have done our research and come equipped with prototypes so we can show you exactly why and how.
Web3, Crypto, and NFT's are not just buzzwords designed to confuse you and make you feel old. We can show you how these technologies can be used pragmatically and effectively for your business. The new Digital Transformation is here.
Our team of specialists are a perfect fit for your strategic war room. If you need experts to run workshops and plan campaigns, get in touch. We offer a free remote consultation to advise you on how to get ahead with emerging technologies.
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