Garnier Vitaverse

May 10, 2023

Working with Billion Dollar boy and 099 Creative we developed this Augmented Reality portal for Garnier as part of their Vitaverse campaign. The portal allows you to enter the serene world of Garnier's new night & day serum, and to flip the atmosphere between the two aesthetic states.

First portal prototype

Early Design and Prototypes

Garnier wanted to build a mysterious space that was otherworldly. A relaxing space that you could visit for calm and reflection. And using the filter and Augmented Reality to visit the space whenever you wanted to. A portal was the perfect solution. An AR Portal is a doorway that appears and allows the user to walk into it. We went ahead and started designing the space. We knew we wanted the portal to work anywhere, and as it didn't need to physically be a doorway, we decided on a round portal entry - a Porthole.

The product would sit on a plinth in the centre of the space, surrounded by strange plants and floating orbs.

An early space station portal idea

We played with different ideas for environments. Here we had an inner portal with a viewing area that looked out to an even larger space that suggested you were on a space station. This was deemed too sci-fi.

The first prototype in Instagram

We settled on a 360 skybox effect for the walls so it looked like you were standing on a terrain overlooking a body of water, and stepping stones out to the horizon. The inner space had an igloo shape with rocks and plinths to display the product. There was also a mysterious tank full of an exotic liquid.

Final design

Here we see the final design ready to be launched to Instagram.

Entering the Portal

The final result is a magical Augmented Reality experience that was used by chosen influencers and shared across the Garner social media platforms.

QR code to launch the experience on Instagram
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