JP Morgan Delta VR Animation

January 7, 2019

Working with the wonderful team at YoYo in Tunbridge Wells we developed a Virtual Reality animation for JP Morgan. The character’s name is Delta and his job is to tell you all about Asset Management and Market Insights.

Storytelling in Virtual Reality is always challenging as you have to be mindful of the fact that the user may not be looking where you want them to. For this reason, we kept the main stage within a 180 viewport and encouraged users to be seated.

The experience required no interaction from the user other than the initial launch, so we made that bit as easy as possible using a gaze mechanic so no controllers were required.

Finally, the Oculus Go headsets were pre-bundled with the app and shipped off to the event. The folks over at JP Morgan fell in love with Delta, and stay tuned for more antics in the financial sector.

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