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December 3, 2018

Promo Video #1

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Mee and the Band are an incredibly diverse and talented pop band lead by the eclectic, creative force Alexandra Sawyer. Alex approached Pebble Studios to create a 360 pop video for their single ‘Loving’s Easy’. Pebble then approached Weald Creative to help them with the shoot. The result was a wonderful 360 video that you can watch here:

So what was the challenge? Weald Creative challenged themselves to push this to the next level, and create something interactive for the Oculus platform.


Using the footage we shot for the 360° pop video, Weald Creative produced MeeVR, an interactive experience for the Oculus Go. The experience allows the user to immerse themselves in their emotions by entering one of three pods: Party, Conflict and Peace. Within the pod, they can bounce objects around and be completely immersed in the action.

We streamed the 360° videos from Vimeo, and added real-time particle effects and interactive objects to complete the effect. We kept the experience simple and easy to use; there are no requirements to use a controller, and you can navigate just using your gaze, a UX mechanic that we carefully designed to be as intuitive as possible. Anyone can use this app, so it is a great introduction to VR.


Unfortunately, the strict publishing policy at Oculus did not allow the app to be released publicly on their store, but we have codes that we can distribute to users that allow them to download the experience for free. Please contact us at and we will happily let you have a code.


Here's some footage I shot whilst explaining the app to the client.

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