UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

March 22, 2024

Last year, as UKAHT celebrated its 30th anniversary, they launched Immersive Antarctica (IA) with a new and exciting virtual reality (VR) project that brought together technology, storytelling, archival records and data collected from their bases to make Antarctica accessible in new ways. Through this medium, people can experience the bases from the comfort of their own homes.

Earlier this year, their flagship site Port Lockroy celebrated its 80th birthday. As part of the anniversary, UKAHT have launched an augmented reality (AR) experience called Wearing Antarctica.

Introducing Wearing Antarctica

Drawing on imagery from UKAHT, British Antarctic Survey Archives and other Polar organisations, a range of clothing has been selected to showcase the historical periods of Antarctica. Weald Creative partnered with 099 Creative to design and build several ‘outfits’ which respond to user movement via their device’s camera either on a smartphone or in the browser. We created six animated scenes representing milestones in Antarctic history, and released a TikTok filter for each. As well as the filters we also used Snap CameraKit to give users a virtual 'try on' - see themselves wearing the outfits.

The Effects are available on the TikTok channel and the Snap lenses are embedded into the microsite (no app required).

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